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TOPTREE | Projected Safety Warning Signs
View:640 May 26, 2022  

Tired of having your floor signs torn up by forklifts and heavy traffic?

Projected safety signs are ideal for areas where adhesive decals don’t last. Install virtual floor marking projectors and get indestructible, bold signs projected onto your floors or other surfaces- giving you and your employees bright visual cues while the hardware is mounted safely out of the way. Projected safety signs are visible in any lighting and can be projected on most any surface.  As a result, they provide an excellent option for high traffic areas or areas that are subject to moisture.

Projected Safety Signs


One of the main advantages of projected signage is that, unlike paint and stickers, the signs don’t wear off. As a result, companies are saved the cost, effort and downtime required by constant replacement.

Stickers and paint wear quickly and need to be constantly replaced. In high-traffic environments, that can be as often as every three weeks to every six weeks. To replace stickers, you have to cordon off an area and close operations. If you’re painting, you have to cure the surface, strip the old paint, lay the new one, let it dry. So, there’s lost time and productivity. With projected signage, the projector is mounted overhead. No wear and tear can ever happen because there’s nothing on the floor.

The safety advantage of projected signs is that they are more effective at drawing attention to workplace hazards than fixed signs, which become part of the landscape and are soon ignored. Bright colours make projected signs highly visible. 

projected stop safety warning signforklift safety warning sign projector

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