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TOPTREE | Warehouse Virtual Laser Floor Marking Projectors
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Project a Safety Line to Keep Workers Safe

Marking an area for hazards, work zones, and off limits to pedestrians can often be costly and time-consuming for many industrial businesses. But this Virtual Laser Line Projector is the perfect solution to keep spending down, adding a safe, long-lasting, and easily visible alternative to tape or paint.

Toptree laser projectors are designed for the industrial environment. Unlike marking or tapes, it is a projection that does not fade and requires no washing.

This solution is ideal for pedestrian crossings where there is a risk of collisions between forklifts and pedestrians. It provides a clear and sharp alertness. This solution helps with the visibility of the walkways and requires no recurring maintenance.

The solution is easily adaptable to your traffic plan to mobilize your workers.

Virtual Projector Creates Real Solutions

· Projects a high-intensity, clear laser line on any surface

· Available in standout green color

· Works in almost every lighting condition

· IP65-rated for water and weather resistance

Easy Installation for Excellent Safety

This laser line projection system is a breeze to install and set up with the included mounting hardware and swivel base. The light box can be hung 30 feet off the ground to project a 1" thick line that's up to 60 feet in length. Or, adjust the settings if you require a thicker line to note safe zones, but be aware the projection distance will be smaller. The projector can be set to match the lighting at your facility so it creates the perfect length for your needs.

The bright floor lines let everyone know where the high traffic situations, uneven floors, or storage areas are located, focusing on keeping workers safe and accident-free. The high-intensity laser takes the stress out of floor marking, especially in areas that are a challenge to monitor. Just think how this low-maintenance unit can save you hours of work and keep your repair budget low! Use it to improve safety conditions on your warehouse floors, loading docks, walkways, or storage facilities.

Laser Virtual Floor Marking LineLaser Virtual Floor Marking Line

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