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Congratulations to Patent Certificate of Laser Projector
View:705 Mar 14, 2023  

Congratulations to TOPTREE to pass the patent certification of the National Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China, and received the "Practical New Patent Certificate" issued by the National Intellectual Property Office of the China National Intellectual Property Office. It also means that Changzhou Toptree has been recognized in the field of practical new patent, and has been further improved by more in -depth protection and comprehensive competitiveness in new patents.

A practical new patent is one of the three types of patents (invention, practical new types, and design). The practical new type refers to the shape, structure, or its combination of practical new technical solutions. Changzhou Toptree Auto Lamp Co., Ltd. has effectively enhanced the awareness of corporate leaders and employees' knowledge copyright through the establishment, operation and improvement of many days, mobilizing the enthusiasm of employees to invent and creation, closely combining technological innovation results with intellectual property rights, enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Patent Certificate of Laser Line ProjectorPatent Certificate of Virtual Line Laser Projector

The industrial virtual laser line is an excellent alternative to all lines that are traditionally created through traditional methods such as tapes or paint. This is a great choice for all sites, for which classic solutions are ineffective and disappear quickly due to heavy traffic, floor damage or other limitations.

The plug-and-play laser line striping has a wide range of applications in industrial environments, such as:

- Virtual laser walkways

- Laser floor marking

- Truck laser docking system

- Marking of parking spaces

- Visualization for exhibits

- Cordoning off dangerous or off-limits areas


- Easy installation

- More visible

- Increase safety

- Improve efficiency

- Enhanced profitability

- Less maintenance

Warehouse Laser Virtual Walkway Projector LightsLaser Parking Line MarkingIndustrial Truck Trailer Laser Docking SystemVirtual Laser Walkway Marking

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