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Overhead Crane Safety Warning Light Solution in a Famous Steel Factory


Many overhead crane accidents involve pedestrians. To ensure pedestrians and workers stay a safe distance, warning them of the presence of the hook is highly beneficial. When pedestrian sees beam on floor, he knows a crane is in close proximity. 

The crane warning light can be used in dual spot configuration, Quad spot configuration and Quad line configuration. It depends on the applications on site.


The steel factory has a high awareness of safety and wants a safety devices to avoid potential risks. Toptree carefully studys the plant environment, cranes structure, installation height and other problem diagnosis, and provide unique solution for them.


The steel company takes the crane warning lights for trial in one of the plants innitially, after two months testing, they introduce all the other plants to install the safety light as standard safety devices. It is more effective for more precise positioning of the crane by the wireless remore operator, and the accidents is greatly reduced. 

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