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TOPTREE | Custom Gobos LED Gobo Projectors
View:183 Jun 30, 2022  

TOPTREE offers a wide range of gobos and LED projectors for industrial, corporate, entertainment, and consumer needs for projected images. We provide solutions for custom and stock gobos, virtual signs, indoor and outdoor projectors. Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

LED Gobo Projectors

Whether for interior, exterior, architectural or other applications, our LED projectors are simple to use and offer great optics and image quality.

Outdoor projectors are weather-resistant and designed for rugged conditions, from small to large scale gobo projection on buildings, streets, and other surfaces.

gobo projectors

Wedding Gobos, Birthday Gobos

Wedding Monogram & Birthday Gobos with pre-designed templates to light up your names and the most exciting day of your live even more special. 

The gobo lighting adds a personal touch to any wedding or party. Opt for a monogram gobo for your big day and project your names on the wall or ceiling of the venue, and even the dance floor. Our lighting options range from displaying your married name, or the words Bride and Groom, along with the date of your wedding day. The projections are hugely popular at weddings and are the new lighting trend sweeping the industry. 

wedding gobo projectors

Custom Gobos

Custom gobos made with your own artwork design or based on your artwork instructions. Easy-to-use one-step gobo design creator to free up your imagination and deisgn your own gobo artwork in a flash.

For all your gobo and projector needs, please contact us today at

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