Toptree Innovative New Virtual Walkway Lane Lasers

Toptree Innovative New Virtual Walkway Lane Lasers

Virtual Line lasers can be an efficient and cost-effective alternative to conventional floor marking methods. They eliminate the need for costly remarking, whether with tape or paint. Laser lines remain permanently visible, regardless of how dirty the floor gets.

Toptree Innovative New Virtual Walkway & Lane Lasers

Laser lines are perfect for safety needs, product placement, equipment guidelines, walkways or anywhere else a painted or taped line may be needed.

The best part is you can choose where you want the line to display and change the position when needed.

No need to call in a paint crew or tape crew, shut down your work area, delay production or waste time creating lines.

Safety Lines - Create walkways, aisle barriers, dock lines, vehicle travel lanes, etc.

Product Containment - Create lines for "do not cross" sections, area for staged pallets, places for received pallets, etc.

Dock Door Lines - Outside terminal lines for trailer placement direction, Inside for door product lanes, etc.

Yard Lines - Project lines in yard for trailer storage parking, etc.

Floor lasers are specially developed for the projection of virtual, abrasion-resistant line markings on industrial floors, in warehouses or other buildings. By projecting a highly visible light guide line onto any type of floor, you can achieve a permanent marking on any type of industrial floor.

The laser unit is mounted overhead on the hall ceiling and draws a clearly visible, wide light line on the floor. Different colors can be used to mark any type of area. Dangerous areas are simply displayed in red, while footpaths or driveways are shown in green. Pallet locations can be marked permanently just as easily.

Key Features:

  • ● Projects highly visible red or green lines for visibility in all lighting conditions ( best results during dawn and dusk)

  • ● Eye Safe

  • ● Easy to install

  • ● Adjustable mounting bracket allows for easy positioning of the beam on the floor

  • ● Projection Type: Line

  • ● Water Resistant: IP68

truck docking laser linelaser floor marking

Why It 's Worth Choosing Virtual Laser Line?

Check out all of its benefits:

Reliability-the device is weather-resistant. Thanks to that it can be used both indoor and outdoor even during adverse weather conditions without

worrying about its functioning.

Convenience-the laser-drawn line allows for a comfortable and efficient project both for pedestrians and machine operators and ensures their

safety at all times.

Flexibility-the choice of different colors (red, green), ease of mounting and the ability to "display" corridors makes the tool easy to personalize to the

current needs of the company.

How Does It Work?

Virtual Laser Line is used to display bright lines which in turn can be used to mark roads for either pedestrians or vehicles. It 's a great tool to set paths,

corridors, crossings and even platforms and ramps for big machines or trucks.

It 's also an excellent way of alerting employees about danger (by pointing out areas they should n't get close to).

Thanks to its durable components and highly efficient lights, Virtual laser line is a perfect choice for all weather and lighting conditions. Operating still

guarantees the lines are always visible exactly where they should be.

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